A Prince for a Kingdom by Rockdoll61

A Prince for a Kingdom  - Rockdoll61

A Prince for a Kingdom is what would have happened if Captive Prince had been written by Mary Calmes … while she was intoxicated.

The writing is 100% unedited amateur. On page 73, I had to contemplate whether or not I could continue reading this story due to how poorly it is written. Boredom won out. Malapropisms, basic grammatical mistakes, typos (at one point the MC, who is repeatedly noted for his youth, states that he is “84”?!), sudden and unclear head-hopping, inconsistent tense and sentence and paragraph structure suffer at the hands of this author. Many of the mistakes are glaring and could be corrected with a thorough proof read. Any who, to make it through all 474 pages of Magnus and Adrian’s homoerotic elf love be prepared to hurdle some complete sentence fails.

Next up: the Captive Prince parallels. Though not a single parallel in the quality of writing is seen, the parallels abound in plot devices from a culture immersed in sex and court intrigue to the captor prince’s relative being the political enemy to intricately laced attire. Despite all the details reminiscent of Captive Prince, A Prince for a Kingdom will in no way satisfy a fix for one who is craving a similar read while waiting for Book Three. It is neither smart nor clever, but what does it have? The “Mary Calmes” element - a brooding-darkly-attractive-more-complex-than-his-shallow-façade alpha male dominating over (while pulling the heart strings of) a do-no-wrong-physically-attractive-to-everyone-feisty beta, thereby creating a chemistry that is very predictable-but-what you-were-looking-for in a basic slave fic. Mediocre in every aspect, but somehow a page turner none-the-less. If you’ve read them once, you’ve read them all and you’ll happily read them again. Blah, blah, blah.

Quick comment about the sex scenes: They are so long and detailed they are borderline comical. If you are big into D/s and slave fics, you might find them hot and I can definitely see the “hot” element to them, … but they are just so over the top. I was entertained reading them, but probably not for the reasons the author anticipated.

The truth of the matter is: I read the whole thing - admittedly skimming along the way. There was something engaging about Magnus and Adrian and their relationship. This story has glimpses of potential, but no editor in sight. If Rockdoll61 finds a copy editor and flushes out some plot holes a fun, classic slave fic would emerge. So… add it to your “back burner TBR.” There are plenty of better reads on your TBR that you should get to first, but when you exhaust them, are bored and are feeling flexible about the quality of what you are reading, give this a go. If you can’t overlook a piece that doesn’t even appear to have been proof read, then wait for the edited version.