Timing - Mary Calmes I read this book in two days. It is a stupid book. A stupid, stupid fun book. I have to hand it to Mary Calmes - she had me with this one. I rolled my eyes, I groaned, but I couldn't put the book down.

Let's start with the cover. Whoever designed this cover has a sick sense of humor that I respect or they should just be punched in the face. Probably both. I saw this cover time and time again bouncing around Goodreads and every time I thought, "Nope" and kept on scrolling. But, apparently socially self conscious me, broke to the peer pressure, the four plus star rating and the fact I had a six hour car ride back from DC (relax, I was a passenger, I'm not that into books), so I gave it a go.

From the first two chapters I was annoyed. I instantly found Stefan catty and trite (and since this book is told from his POV, I was worried this would be a long ride). His bff, Charlotte, is the epitome of every emotional woman stereotype I can't stand. Ride just got longer. Then came Rand. There is only one way to describe the effect Rand has on the reader. It is the way it was described to me by multiple GR friends. Rand *sigh.*

Rand is 100% that fictional hero that one wishes was real. As an avid reader I've come across characters, too numerous to count, that I have fallen in love with, dreamt about, pined for, still think about time and time again, but there are very few that I wish weren't fictional, but rather the guy sitting across from me at the bar, asking me for my phone number with a promise of a future to come. Rand is one of those few, rare gems.

The premise of this book is preposterous, the plot clumsy, the relationship progression unrealistic, the writing satisfactorily mediocre and the magnetism that Rand projects in his pursuit of lucky Stefan - irresistible. I came around to Stefan and his personality duality of snotty, teenage girl and fist fighting, dreamy hero. Never came around to Charlotte and didn't believe for a second that she was as intelligent or perceptive as Calmes tried to portray her with revelations in chapter eleven. Her fiancé, Ben, I just pitied that poor, pathetic putz. But Rand, *sigh.*

Timing reminded me of my days of reading Joan Johnston or Connie Mason cowboy romances. Only those were borderline bodice rippers where the alpha male lacked Rand's heart and the "independent, strong" female was too much of a simpering ninny under her guise. Stefan was never a simpering ninny.

What Calmes does well in this book are the sizzling moments between Rand and Stefan. She does them well enough that they are worth overlooking any distractions in this book. I don't know that I will continue with more of her books, but my peers were correct in their recommendation of this and I certainly enjoyed this quick read.

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