Whatever The Cost - Lynn Kelling I am currently putting this book aside with the intention of picking it up at a later date. It isn’t a bad book, but I am not in the right mood to enjoy it for what it is at the moment. I am at 50% and don’t want to give a bad review to a book that is decent (probably will be a three star, depending on where it goes from here could be a four star or could be a two star), simply because I am not in the mood for it’s content. So here are my thoughts on this book to date.

These two are some emotionally scarred, lost boys in need of a rescue. CPS should have intervened for them early in their lives, but they slipped through the cracks and are now the product of what happens when society lets kids down. Their lives are sad, but the love they find in each other is sweet - that’s the draw of the book. What I am struggling through in this book is how the MC’s pasts, may be too real for me to enjoy their sexual moments (ever trip over a porn where the participants are clearly at a low point in their life and not enjoying what they are doing - not a turn on). These two triggered a protective parental instinct in me - which was not my desire to feel when I picked up this book. Their stories are sad and probably very accurate to why many disenchanted youths may find themselves prostituting themselves and how they struggle to get themselves out of that business and how they find themselves fitting in to "normal" life once they do. I picked this book thinking it would have angst and struggle, but still a certain “fun” to it. Now that I know this won’t be a “sexy” read for me, I am sure I will be picking it up again when I am more in the mood for the emotional rollercoaster and for reading about these two painfully struggling for their HEA.