If It Flies - Aleksandr Voinov, L.A. Witt The heat is up, but Voinov and Witt went a bit deeper with their third installment in the Market Garden series. Exploring a twist on the Pretty Woman theme, the authors bring class to a rent boy Dom and his stressed attorney client - a sub, who hasn’t realized it yet. Hesitant to begin, as I am not a fan of BDSM, it’s relevance in the story was too intricate to skim, but I think most fans will appreciate the BDSM play and find it suits the story nicely, as I did.

I was not as immediately taken with Nick and Spencer as I was with Jared and Tristan in the first two installments. But I like them. Where as I would have paid as much as Rolex to jump in the room with Jared and Tristan, this is a piece I am content being a voyeur.

Nick is an endearing mix of a consummate, professional Dom and a jaded rent boy who might harbor a bit more to him behind that unflinching Dom mask. Spencer is a bundle of nerves discovering how to relax. As Spencer and Nick begin to sense there may be more to their relationship behind their business arrangement a story of self discovery for each of them emerges, lending a genuineness and class to a clichéd theme.

A satisfying and at times titillating read. I will continue to do much of my shopping at the Market Garden.

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