Vertigo (Channeling Morpheus,  #2) - Jordan Castillo Price Another sexual encounter to drive the plot, takes center stage in Vertigo, as it did in Payback. Only this time the catalyst is lust not murder. The MC’s inability to deny lust as one is unable to deny hunger radiates through this novelette.

What else is new in Vertigo besides the catalyst? Surprisingly, the POV. Having the honor of being in Wild Bill’s head for this ride was successfully exhilarating when it could have destroyed the charismatic aura built around him in Payback - but Price pulled it off. Price writes in an About This Book afterward, that she didn’t want to ruin the aura that Wild Bill’s “eloquently trashy turns of phrases” (her words) evoked - and she didn’t. The aura wasn’t ruined and the characterization contained. Wild Bill thinks as he speaks - cleverly, amusingly dryly and with a crude directness.

In this second addition in the series, Michael’s black and white slated view on vampires begins to mingle to gray as he succumbs to lust and the intriguing pull of Wild Bill. He also demonstrates to Wild Bill and the reader that green he may be, but resourceful he is. In Payback, Michael’s attraction to Wild Bill is as obvious as the reader’s attraction to him, but why Bill is attracted to naïve, emo Michael, if his attraction isn’t just a guise, is unclear. The ability to see Michael through Wild Bill’s eyes clarifies Bill’s draw to Michael - adding an element of interest to Michael not noticed in Payback.

Switching the POV in the second novelette could have been a series ending move, but Price got in Wild Bill’s head for a successful sequel. And even more impressive, being in Wild Bill’s head didn’t detract any of the mystery surrounding him.

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