Test of Faith - Aleksandr Voinov, Raev Gray eh ..... that was my initial reaction when finishing this book. Just too morbid of a voice for me. Guess I am a girl who needs an HEA.

In it's favor, it was well written and if you are into more of a psychological character study, this was successful. This may sound a bit weird, but since it is a short story I was expecting a quick instant gratification read that had a bit of angst in the "opposites attract / enemies to lovers" theme that Voinov is just so good at spinning. But instead I found I was annoyed, because this made me think - too much. I wanted something to read to escape from the "thinking world" and just enjoy, but this was too philosophical.

If you are a fan of Voinov, I think you will appreciate this as a well written short - just make sure you are in the mood for some food for thought rather than looking for a quick escape in literary land.

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