Where You Hurt the Most - Anne Brooke Ugh. *groans* This was bad. What distinguishes a three star from a two star for me, is if I can recommend it. I can’t recommend bothering with this story.

The biggest detriment to this story: “insta-love.” That didn’t even start out as “insta-love,” but at the turn of a page developed - with no explanation or even declaration of the change. The moment was confusing and nonsensical.

I grabbed this book while on the Riptide Publishing site in a Voinov bundle purchasing frenzy. Voinov doesn’t contribute a story to the Riptide Rentboys Collection, but the collection sounded interesting and it was on sale. What prevented this story from receiving a one star from me was the potential concept. Unfortunately the author didn’t know what to do with that potential. Where it hurts most for me, was being a sucker for the sale price and paying for this story.