As He Watches - Finn Marlowe Not knowing much about this “Love Has No Boundaries” event, I grabbed this short based on enjoying A Thread of Deepest Black”, also by Marlowe. And the kink was certainly cranked up in this one.

Not an outstanding read, but acceptable, and I believe it fulfilled what it was meant to for this event (and for a couple of my evening hours). I am not into lingerie on men and cringed at this detail, but it was easily overlooked for the hot quickie and the free price tag. The characters have some depth for an 81 page short story and Marlowe was able to develop a sufficiently taut tension between the two with in the confines of brevity. The “Does he like me? Does he like me not?” monologue that ran in both the MC’s heads added a sweetness factor.

As He Watches is not going to make you think. But that is not what you are reading it for, is it? However, for the reason you are reading it, it delivers.

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