And Then I Met Him - L. Arthur This book was ridiculous, but I have to admit, I totally enjoyed it for what it was.

It is not well written, it doesn’t even appear to be proof read. But by throwing in prepositions where they should be and ignoring complete misspellings or even wrong words, the piece is still easy enough to read and understand. (Glaring examples: Arthur spells “lost” as “lossed” and in one part that she meant to use the word “closed” she wrote “clothes” - why Arthur wouldn’t just proof read something before posting it on the internet I have no idea).

That being said, the concept and characters are simply fun. You have to get over a few hurdles like: these two boys cry more than little girls at a Bieber concert, someone should have called CPS on Eli’s mother long ago and there is an absurd amount of silly movie references. Once you have cleared those hurdles, it is a quick angsty coming of age between the boy on the right side of the tracks and the one on the wrong side. Sweet if not corny.

It is not going to win any awards, but certainly can suit a mood for the afternoon.

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