Take It Off (Market Garden, #2) - L.A. Witt,  Aleksandr Voinov
Voinov and Witt have managed to maintain the heat from Quid Pro Quo with this sequel. And it is HOT! Scorching actually. What I am loving about these books is that they are not just smut. Don’t get me wrong, the sex is delightful to say the least, but the mind play between the three of them is what makes the steam rise. Jared and Tristan have an almost awkward and adorable, “He likes me, He likes me not” thing going, while a three way power struggle of sorts creates a subtle menage a trois dynamic to engage the three of them mentally. I really enjoyed all three characters, Rolex, Jared & Tristan. For such a brief book, that made a bee line to getting to the point, all aspects - emotional, sexual and psychological, where satisfied which is an achievement in itself.

I am very much looking forward to more of this series, though to my disappointment I have heard the others don’t feature Tristan and Jared. I hope the authors change their minds about that and have “a bunny” (as I know Mr. Voinov likes to term it) saved for Tristan and Jared after they exit the elevator. I think there might be a lot more story to tell on how you make a relationship like theirs work.

Fully recommend, if you are hungry for some smut, but want to keep it classy, the Market Garden has many tasty treats.

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