Captive Prince: Volume One (Captive Prince, #1) - S.U. Pacat,  C.S. Pacat When I was 18 I picked up my first romance novel, Sheik, by Connie Mason and for the following 15 years I was a regular, if not avid m/f romance reader. However, I always wanted more. As if the m/f romance novels were just dirty little quickies, giving me a happy ending, but never screaming their name. Then scrolling through my Amazon recommendations list one night I spotted a simple elegant cover with the crest of a lion scrolled on it and a title that rolled off the tongue. Clicking on this book I immediately spotted that it had a perfect five star review. What? Five stars, not a flaw to it, all reviewers demanding I read this book, NOW. Then the synopsis - an m/m romance novel. What? My 33 year unblemished record of heterosexuality guffawed. I wasn’t disgusted, but just couldn’t imagine being interested. I like my lady parts and enjoy putting them together with mister parts - if my lady parts were left out of the equation and two mister parts engaged would it interest me? But perfect five stars, under five dollars and an elegant cover (yes, I am an ad agents dream) - I had to find out.

So I began to read. The whole time thinking, this is not for me, why am I reading this, Laurent just said what? There was no sex in this book, but there was this mind game. The sexiest f-ing mind game I ever read in the last 15 years. I was dripping in anticipation of the sex to come - it was coming right? It didn’t matter, I already had many times from the mind game. And after only a few hours of not peeing, not eating and not looking up from my iPad to acknowledge anything in my surrounding environment, I found myself eagerly shelling out four more dollars to Amazon for Volume II. Saying my interest was piqued would be a thorough understatement.

Thank you S. U. Pacat. Thank you for Captive Prince and introducing me to a genre that leaves me screaming the names of Damen, Laurent, Warrick, Toreth, Hsin, Kassian, Vadim, Dan, Nikolai, Henri and many, many more too numerous to list and many more whose names I have yet to read. Thank you.

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