Tainted: Channeling Morpheus 4 - Jordan Castillo Price A human with a disposition to kill and a vampire with a disposition to live.

A vampiric “condition” that taints the blood and is transmitted as if it were a deadly STD - but vampirism turns it’s host into a killer, while the STD kills it’s host.

A vampire so old he can no longer fake a pretense to assimilate to contemporary humans, but who searches for a cure.

The dichotomies and parallels abound in the fourth addition to the Channeling Morpheus series continuing to set this series apart from it’s generic counterparts.

“The homicidal eye-candy I’d hooked up with had more needs than I did.”

"You let something stick, and the next thing you know, you start accessorizing it."

“What I wanted to know was, if I was a mutant, why didn’t I have X-ray vision and a cool spandex costume?”

Back in Wild Bill’s head, we are treated to a plethora of quotable one liners - dryly delivered, humorous and insightful. Normally a nice, quiet, place to retreat to, now Wild Bill’s mind is an uncomfortable sanctuary for him as he struggles to face the reality of how contagious his vampirism is and the truth in his emotions regarding Michael.

Price continues to provide the reader with an underlying commentary while maintaining a campy mood and blood rushing sex scenes. Again cementing that this series is sexy vampire smut to feed your fantasies laced with subtle context to feed your brain.

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