Falling Away by Lisa Henry

Falling Away - Lisa Henry

Thus far this is the only Love Has No Boundaries submission that I want either an epilogue to or a full novel devoted to the characters. And with the foundation Henry laid in Falling Away, I believe she is capable of giving me more. Hint, hint …

Jason’s awkwardness and struggle between going for what he wants and risking what he has is very relatable. I think we have all had a battle like this in our heads about something. A daily distraction that makes the routine of life’s responsibilities mundane.

Ben is a cool guy. Unexpectedly, but refreshingly normal. Sensible, sexy, honest and “not some emotionally retarded fuck up.”

I reach for a Love Has No Boundaries story when I am seeking to satisfy an easy, graphically sexy, sometimes sweet, sometimes kinky mood with an hour or less to spare. Falling Away satisfied that mood. Then it did more. It made me want more of the story, more of the characters, more satisfaction than it already provided me. Falling Away introduced me to Lisa Henry, who I never had took note of before, and put her on my radar.

* For an added bonus, check out the author’s bio on the last page. I love when author’s can be honest with a sense of humor.

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