The Last Rebellion by Lisa Henry

The Last Rebellion - Lisa Henry

The dark, captive, non-consent stories test my limits. The subject matter I find to be very touch and go - sometimes I like to be tested, sometimes I don’t. Lisa Henry’s free read, The Last Rebellion did exactly what it was supposed to do - it made me want to pay money to read more of her works.

Rho’s torture, rapes and inner torments were sufficiently uncomfortable to paint his story without being so graphically detailed to be cringe worthy. Rho’s strength is admirable, situation sympathetic, hopelessness palpable and loneliness pitiable.

Miller’s logic is demented, but I imagine in an atmosphere of war, very sensible, compelling and ensured success for the team he played on - namely his own. I found him reminiscent of Carnac from the highly discussed, The Administration Series by Manna Francis, in that you agree with his arguments - but you don’t. He makes sense - but he doesn’t. He is creepily intriguing and plausibly likeable, but you don’t necessarily root for him. Miller’s agenda is self serving, but this selfishness is made acceptable, because it “benefits” Rho.

This is not a love story, it is just too weird to be so. Yet somehow in the last few pages it reveals itself to be a disturbingly dark romance - of sorts. The back and forth switching of the POV’s was smart and seamlessly done. Had Miller’s POV not been included in this story and the reader was only allowed to view him through Rho’s perspective, I doubt I would have enjoyed this story. But it was being in Miller’s head that sold me on The Last Rebellion.

I will admit, I was startlingly surprised by how much I was enthralled by this story. I didn’t want to put it down. I wanted a sick, twisted, “let’s play house” implausible ending. And Henry delivered. I will no doubt, be scrolling through her catalog for more to add to my TBR.

* Some readers expressed that the Kindle version of this work had grammatical and format issues. I read the ePub version on my iPad in iBooks and did not experience any of these hiccups. The story was well written and read smoothly.

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