Unchained - exclamation


Sooo ... that was 150,000+ words of Sterek. I probably don't need to mention this fic is long winded. I have read a few of exclamation's works (this, Convenient, the pact, Chosen) and they are all epic novel length (with the exception of Convenient). In fact, I can pretty much write the same exact review for all of them. Exclamation is like the Mary Calmes of Sterek - nothing is exceptional, everything is exactly as you expected, the writing is par, the set up and tension sounds so delectable, but only delivers just a tad beneath what you had hoped ... and yet the fics are so darn addictive you can't help yourself. I can say that they are all three plus stars (not quite delivering that full fourth star), but they all kept me entertained and reading the whole ride through.

This one is a contemporary AU slave fic (Slave!Derek, "Master"!Stiles) with alternating POV. The Sterek is slow build and oddly enough not the star of the show. What stands out most to me and kept me reading is the world building and the story. It delves into melodrama and a too goody two shoes Stiles as the story enters into the last 30,000 words, but overall it was the story that interested me, especially Derek's journey and growth. For those who enjoy this I would recommend Pack Up; Don't Stray.

Now here's a random rant:
So I was slowly working my way through this author's fics when I checked out their Profile page and found this:

Please don't add my fics to Goodreads. Goodreads is a site for reviewing, rating and discussing published books. My published works are listed on there, but it's not appropriate for my fan fiction to be listed there.

Ahem. *cracks knuckles, rolls neck*

First thought: "Goodreads is a site for reviewing, rating and discussing published books." Wrong - it is not just for published works and it is a prime source of recommendations. So agree to disagree.

Second thought: Surprised to have found this fic on GR, so not sure if this comment on their profile page is new or not, but not counting on their fics staying here.

Third thought: I don't agree with fandom authors that are affronted by the premise of their fics on Goodreads, but I do respect that and do not add such authors to GR. For the most part that I have found though, the fandom authors that are anti-Goodreads usually are not professionals, but rather amateurs writing for the joy of Sterek and that tends to be their core reasoning for not being on Goodreads - which again though I respectfully disagree with their logic, I respect it.

Now let me share with you a little trend - I read Nothing Less & Something More by bigboobedcanuck and LOVED them. Found out that bigboobedcanuck is Keira Andrews (who I hadn't known before), which put A Forbidden Rumspringa & Kick at the Darkness on my shopping list. Read DiscontentedWinter works (who I did know was Lisa Henry) ... throws her whole catalog in the basket too. Reads Mating Bite, The Heartwood Box: A Fairy Tale grabs my attention. Accidents Happen introduces me to Jay Northcote. See a pattern?

Exclamation, why you no want my money for original works? Why as a professional author would you not utilize every marketing (especially FREE marketing) methods available to you?  And that Goodreads statement is the kind of statement that gets not only your fics, but your original works blacklisted by me along with Stoney's.

Final thought on exclamation's fics: They are engaging ... but just not enough to keep reading them once I found out the author has no business acumen. Guess they aren't Mary Calmes after all. :(